Special Coatings - Ceramic and Carbide

For tooling or guide components, surface quality is a crucial factor for final product quality and cost efficiency. A dense and smooth surface reduces friction, protects the material, saves energy, increases the useful life of the guides and reduces downtime. Components of such quality come with a price. WireTrex offers a coating system that allows them to pass these benefits on to their customers at a very interesting price-quality ratio. We supply drawing and guiding components with ceramic or hard metal coating customized to your specifications and in small lots. Please ask us or make an in-house appointment; we are pleased to stop by.


Our Strength

  • highly polished surfaces
  • minimized friction
  • less wear
  • variable coating thickness
  • longer useful life
  • customized lots
  • individual solutions

Your Benefits

  • higher product quality
  • less energy expenses
  • lower replacement costs
  • lower risk of damage
  • less downtime
  • less downtime
  • advantage over competitors

Re-use worn out pulleys by refurbishing running surfaces: Refurbish Pulleys.