Pulleys and Guide Rollers - Rollers, Rings, Cylinders, Capstans

Covering the subject of pulleys, rollers, capstans and cylinders we offer individual solutions for your production process. Do you have special requirements? Is your process particularly wear intensive? Are you producing under extreme conditions? Reduce wear and rejects with our high quality guide materials. You need well priced standard materials with short delivery times? Please talk to us; from our wide range of products in different material combinations we will find the best choice for you. Our mission is to help you save cost.


Guide rollers, pulleys,
capstans, rings, cylinders

  • Aluminum, steel, copper, bronze
  • Plastic rollers
    PE, Polyamid (Nylon), POM (Delrin)
  • Solid ceramics i.e. aluminum oxide (Al2O3), zirconium oxide (ZrO2)
  • Composite ceramics
    ceramic / aluminum
    ceramic / plastic (flanges)
  • Aluminum pulleys, Steel pulleys with ceramic coating
    Aluminum oxide coatings, chromium oxide coatings (Cr2O3)
  • Hardened
  • Tungsten carbide coating
  • Surface qualities
    turned, ground, polished, diamond polished
  • with or without bearings
  • Replacement pulleys and rollers for common brand name machines:
    Niehoff, Henrich, Schmidt, Koch,
    Sket, Lesmo, SAMP, B├╝hler etc.


  • Guide pulley, guide roller
  • Idler pulley, deflection sheave, jockey pulley
  • Traverse pulley
  • Sheave, cam roller
  • Roller
  • Dancer pulley, free roller, loose roller
  • Snatch pulley, lifting block, pulley tackle, pulley block
  • Straightening roller, straightener roller
  • Wire guide roller
  • Crane pulley
  • Rope pulley, rope roll, wire rope sheave
  • Wire rollers
  • Pullout capstan, step cone, capstan
  • take-off pulley
  • Guides for wire, rope, strand, cable, rod, tubes, flat material, medical yarn, stent
  • Contact roller, contact pulley, conductive pulley
  • Short circuit pulley

Re-use worn out pulleys by refurbishing running surfaces: Recondition Guide Pulleys.

Metal pulleys

  • made of aluminum hard anodized
  • made of aluminum with tungsten carbide coating
  • made of steel hardened, with tungsten carbide coating, hard chrome coated
  • made of copper, copper alloy
aluminum pulley steel pulley

Example pulleys

contact pulley

Example short circuit pulleys in coppr alloy


Ceramic coated pulleys

  • Aluminum pulleys, steel pulleys with ceramic coating
    Aluminum oxide coatings, chromium oxide coatings (Cr2O3)
ceramic coated pulleys

Examples pulleys with ceramic coating


Composite ceramics

  • Ceramic / aluminum or steel
  • Ceramic / plastic cover
composite ceramic pulleys

Example pulleys with ceramic insert


Solid ceramic rollers

  • also with bearings
  • wire or yarn protection
solid ceramic rollers

Example solid ceramic rollers


Pulleys made of plastic

  • Polyethylen PE-UHMV, PE-HMV
  • Polyamid (Nylon) PA, PA6
  • Polyoxymethylen POM (Delrin)
  • PEEK
  • high performance plastic
    glass fiber strengthened, heat resistant
plastic pulleys

Example plastic pulleys