Products for the Wire and Cable Industry

WireTrex Ltd. with headquarters in Essen, Germany, is an enterprise with worldwide business connections that develops and supplies products and solutions for the wire and cable industries as well as for the rope and textile industries. A particular strength of WireTrex is the fast development of customized solutions even in smaller quantities. We not only consider ourselves suppliers of standard products but partners of our customers for innovative solutions. (more)

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Special Coatings - Ceramic and Carbide

For tooling or guide components, surface quality is a crucial factor for final product quality and cost efficiency. A dense and smooth surface reduces friction, protects the material, saves energy, increases the useful life of the guides and reduces downtime. Components of such quality come with a price. WireTrex offers a coating system that allows them to pass these benefits on to their customers at a very interesting price-quality ratio. We supply drawing and guiding components with ceramic or hard metal coating customized to your specifications and in small lots. Please ask us or make an in-house appointment; we are pleased to stop by.