Linear Rolling Ring Traverses - High precision and low maintenance

Linear Bidirectional Gear Box

Special design with minimal traversing distance

Repair Rolling Ring Traverses

Spare Parts Rolling Ring Traverses

Linear Rolling Ring Drives / Traverse Gear Box / Linear Bi-directional Gear Box

The development of rolling ring drives combined an outstanding engineering achievement with decades of experience in the industry. Due to superior design and precise manufacturing, rolling ring traverses combine high precision and low maintenance requirements with ease of operation and adjustment for years of trouble free service life. The exact pitch setting can be fine tuned in 50 increments and high side thrust forces allow for reliable and slip free operation. Models with increased side thrust are available for demanding applications.

Our linear drives run on 15 mm, 20 mm and 30mm standard shafts and are interchangeable with products of other manufacturers. This drives last longer and are most reliable. Give it a try - we are sure, you won't regret it!

Type WT-RG15Mini WT-RG15 WT-RG201 WT-RG20 WT-RG30
Shaft diameter 15 mm 15 mm 20 mm 20 mm 30 mm
Max. side thrust 30 N 110 N 70 N 160 N 260 N
Max. pitch 0,6 - 6 mm 11 mm 8 mm 15 mm 25 mm
Weight of gear 0,3 kg 0,8 kg 0,8 kg 1,4 kg 2,5 kg

Max. working width
(L = drive length)

L - 95 mm L - 150 mm L - 125 mm L - 180 mm L- 230 mm
Idle gear lever no yes no yes yes

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Special design with minimal traversing distance

  • For narrow traversing distances 1-6 mm
  • Well suited for very small spools
  • Reversal point can be precisely adjusted with an arbor bolt

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Repair Rolling Ring Drives / Linear Gear Box / Linear Drives

  • Problems? Downtime? Worn rolling rings?
  • Is the traverse slipping?
  • We repair all kinds of linear drives
    including other manufacturers Uhing, AMACOIL, Aumann
  • Fast, affordable and competent
  • Refurbish traverse, replacement of worn
    parts like rolling rings, broken springs,
    reversal levers
  • Readjustment of side thrust settings

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Spare parts for damaged Linear Drives

  • Rolling ring bearing
  • Mechanical automatic reversal trigger
  • Pitch control
  • Springs
  • Shaft

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