WireTrex online

We use the internet as a modern and fast means of communication to be able to inform our customers quickly and conveniently about our latest developments. Our webpage will give you an overview of the range of our products and services; we invite you, our customers to contact us directly. Aside from our standard products our real strength lies in individual solutions and customizations. We take the time to give you personalized service and advice; an exact analysis of your processes and problems serves as basis for individual and innovative solutions. Please call us or send us an email; if you use the contact form, your email will safely pass all spam filters and firewalls.

Coated components of remarkable quality

The surface quality of drawing tools and guide rollers or pulleys plays a substantial role for the quality of products and manufacturing costs. A dense and finely polished surface reduces friction, protects the material, saves energy costs, prolongs the useful life of a tool, reduces machine downtime and finally helps to avoid production problems. Tools of this quality typically don’t come cheap but with their new line of coated components WireTrex can successfully offer these advantages to their customers at an economically interesting price-performance ratio. Drawing tools and guide systems are available with ceramic or hard metal coating with highly polished surface finishes. We also manufacture components per you specifications and in small quantities.

Contact elements for annealers

Contact elements for resistance or induction annealers of wire drawing machines are a specialty of WireTrex (tubes, rings bands, discs, contact rollers and wheels). WireTrex does not only supply these components as per specifications of machine manufacturers (i.e. Niehoff, Henrich, SAMP, Syncro, Schmidt) but conducts their own tests to develop improved materials. Utilization of new material combinations and surface qualities led to significantly improved performance and wear characteristics. Precision manufacturing as well as high quality coatings and surface finishes are instrumental to achieve a consistently high wire quality. Aside from annealing hubs for multi wire machines and contact wheels for induction ovens in a variety of designs, WireTrex also supplies contact rings and bands made from nickel, copper and special alloys with rectangular or profiled shapes professionally bent to exact specifications, ready for quick replacement. Welded contact bands can be supplied with “invisible” seam (welded, ground and polished) for highest quality requirements.